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The ABC's of A Healthy Hearty Marriage -  by Laura L. Meyer

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Laura Meyer - Licensed Professional Counselor. Coach. Conference Speaker


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The first time I heard Laura speak several years ago, I was fascinated. Not only was her story engaging but her calming effect on the audience indicated a special anointing on her life. But it was through the reading and co-facilitating her book “Rahab’s Walls” at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship’s [email protected] recovery program, that I really got to know and personally experience her passion and the calling placed on her life to serve in the Kingdom. Since then, she has become my go-to friend, challenging me to truth and motivating me to worship God in Spirit and truth.  Her wisdom and knowledge of the Word keeps me listening. Yet, I can count on her for a barrel of laughs, tons of fun and authentic friendship.

Thanks Laura, for taking the time to be that friend who has a word of love, peace and joy like no other.

Jackie Taylor


Jackie Taylor


Laura is gifted with the natural ability to see a person’s raw potential and to help them focus on the pursuit of their goals and dreams. In my case, whether sitting casually over coffee and on a check in telephone call, she would help me to brainstorm various options and ideas as I build my international teaching ministry. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Laura over eight years ago when she and I enrolled in our respective professional programs at Dallas Theological Seminary. Laura’s professionalism as a counselor, conference speaker and teacher are informed by her life experiences and a successful corporate career in the oil and gas industry.  But what impresses me most is her knowledge of the word of God and her ability to apply biblical principles to everyday life. Her honest, thoughtful and straightforward responses to issues you bring to her has made her a trusted and reliable resource, not only to me, but I am sure, to many others.

Anthony Alexander

Extended Borders Ministries

Anthony Alexander

Extended Borders Ministries

Normally when I buy a book to read, I am careful not to mark in it because I want to resell them on EBay. But as I began to read 30 Days in August from the very first chapter, I saw this was a book I would not be “just reading because a friend wrote it,” but I would be reading it for me. After I finished, I went back and copied all the quotes and reviewed them again and again since then. It really helps when you read someone else’s journey and you are able to relate. Laura, you have inspired me and I know you will inspire others as well.


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