Is Life Taking Your Breath Away?

16 breaths every minute

900 breaths every hour

23,040 breaths per day

8, 409, 600 breaths per year

672,900,000 breaths in a lifetime…

If you make you it to 80



What Will You Do with the Next Breath You Take?

The Therapy-Coaching Program

... to Change Your Life

Propel your quality of life and improve every single breath you take with 7 Essential Elements of Life.


  • B: Basics - Find wealth in Health

  • R: Relationships - Restore your greatest Resource

  • E: Environment - Find good soil for your Seed

  • A: Altruism - Channel your passion with Compassion

  • T: Thoughts - Conquer Depression & Anxiety 

  • H: Humor - Laugh and change your Medicine

  • E: Existential & Essentials - Prepare for the Future. Manage the Present. 

Promote work/life balance in your  organizations with an engaging workshop.

Partner with friends and family for a practical online vision board curriculum.

Breathe Online Course Options (PDF Download)
$7.77/one-time payment
*all prices in USD

  • 7-Day Self -Study Online Course

  • Checklist of Daily Goals, Coaching Emails and Encouragement

  • 10% Discount off the Contemplation Challenge OR 1 FREE Coaching session with purchase of Continuity Challenge

7-Week Contemplation Challenge
$49.99/one-time payment
*all prices in USD

  • 7-Week Self-Study Online Therapy Course

  • Checklist of Weekly Goals, List of Resources and References, Coaching Emails and Encouragement, Closed Facebook Community, Option for Resource Professional Coach (add'l cost) 

  • FREE Coaching Session with purchase of Continuity Challenge

7-Month Continuity Challenge
$149.99/monthly (7 months)
*all prices in USD

  • 7-Month Self-Study Online Course

  • Personalized Plan of Monthly Goals 7 x 50 minute monthly Coaching Calls/Video with Resource Professional, Baseline & Progress Assessments, Extended Resource & Reference Lists, Closed Facebook Community

  • FREE! BONUS Coaching Session 


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